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Temecula, CA

Greg + Kat


Greg + Kat

Jen Krueger

When I first met with Kat to discuss her wedding, I instantly I felt like we could be good friends. She was warm and inviting and just excited about life. I came into the meeting in wedding mode, but I will say, she struck me off guard when she said something to the effect of, "I don't really need to talk about wedding stuff, I just want to chat with you to see if I like you." Wedding stuff: off the table. Life: on the table. Hence loving our meeting and feeling like we could be good friends!

As we began to plan her and Greg's wedding day, something else struck me off guard with Kat. She told me that both her and Greg are creative people that want to give other creative artists the freedom to use their creative ability to make a beautiful wedding. I will say, while it seemed ideal to have full trust and creative reign for a wedding I wondered if, as the day got closer, Kat would start to grab the reigns and get nervous. But nope! Not one bit! Kat was so excited and easy going about her day: truly why I think everything came together so flawlessly! It's easy to stress the little things, get lost in the details and miss the big point: marrying your best friend! I think Kat is a great example out there for all brides who are currently planning their wedding: don't stress the small things + hire a wedding coordinator (specifically this one! ;D) to ease the stress and prep for you!

Now, I didn't get to meet Greg until the actual day of the wedding but he was just as charming as Kat was lovely. Also easy going, fun and sincere. As you look through their pictures you will see what a fun loving couple they are, how loved their are by their friends and family (no doubt, due to their warm and inviting personalities) and most of all how they just live in the moment and live it to the fullest!