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Temecula, CA


Greg + Kat

Jen Krueger

When I first met with Kat to discuss her wedding, I instantly I felt like we could be good friends. She was warm and inviting and just excited about life. I came into the meeting in wedding mode, but I will say, she struck me off guard when she said something to the effect of, "I don't really need to talk about wedding stuff, I just want to chat with you to see if I like you." Wedding stuff: off the table. Life: on the table. Hence loving our meeting and feeling like we could be good friends!

As we began to plan her and Greg's wedding day, something else struck me off guard with Kat. She told me that both her and Greg are creative people that want to give other creative artists the freedom to use their creative ability to make a beautiful wedding. I will say, while it seemed ideal to have full trust and creative reign for a wedding I wondered if, as the day got closer, Kat would start to grab the reigns and get nervous. But nope! Not one bit! Kat was so excited and easy going about her day: truly why I think everything came together so flawlessly! It's easy to stress the little things, get lost in the details and miss the big point: marrying your best friend! I think Kat is a great example out there for all brides who are currently planning their wedding: don't stress the small things + hire a wedding coordinator (specifically this one! ;D) to ease the stress and prep for you!

Now, I didn't get to meet Greg until the actual day of the wedding but he was just as charming as Kat was lovely. Also easy going, fun and sincere. As you look through their pictures you will see what a fun loving couple they are, how loved their are by their friends and family (no doubt, due to their warm and inviting personalities) and most of all how they just live in the moment and live it to the fullest!

Tommy & Dawn

Jen Krueger

When I think of Tommy & Dawn the word laughter comes to mind. They are both fun loving people who know how to have a good time and their wedding was surely evidence of that! Beautiful and detailed (as Dawn very much is!) and yet such a fun atmosphere. It was especially an honor to coordinate for Dawn, as she too is in the wedding business! She is an amazing photographer who I've had the privilege to work with in the past and am just so grateful to have worked for her this time around. Can't wait to work with her more in the future and if you ever need a photographer, be sure to check out her site! BUT wait! Before you do that, be sure to scroll through the pictures below to see what a beautiful day Tommy and Dawn's wedding was! 

Venue: 440 Seaton | Coordination: Jen Krueger Design | Photography:Lauren Scotti | DJ: The New Ivy League | Florist: Hilary Curtis | Dessert: Susie Cakes & The Donut Man | Catering: La Familia Perez | Rentals: Miscellaneous Rentals | Videographer: Leo Cabal

Max & Amanda

Jen Krueger

Let's just start out by saying Max and Amanda are the kindest & coolest couple! I went to college with Amanda, we knew each other, worked on a few projects together, but were never super close. Let's also say that I REGRET THAT! Getting to know Amanda (& her other half) while working on their wedding was a blast. Both them, their friends & their family were so welcoming. From getting to hang out at the rehearsal dinner, making friends with their friends & all the kind words throughout the wedding day, everyone: gems! And we haven't even gotten to how fun they are! Easter weekend wedding = robin eggs at every seat. YUM! Piñata for some fun entertainment (Amanda got AFTER IT!). And finally- sincere. Max & Amanda closed the evening with the most beautiful speech to all of their family and friends- expressing how they know they will never have all the people that matter most to them in one room together again- and because of that, they had to share why they are who they are- and that they couldn't go without sharing who Jesus is & what he's done for them. It was a beautiful end to the best evening. Thank YOU two for such a fun & beautiful evening. Wishing you the best! 

Venue: Bommer Canyon | Coordination: Jen Krueger Design | Photography: Amanda Christine | DJ: J & J Events | Florist: Brown's Flowers | Dessert: Nothing Bundt Cakes & Susie Cakes | Catering: Baconmania | Rentals: Baker's Rentals | Videographer: Jordan Lovelis

Ethan & Kat

Jen Krueger

Where do I even begin sharing about this wedding? How great the couple was? What a blast from the past it was coordinating an old high school friends wedding? Tell you about all the wonderful vendors? Or maybe the best toasts I've ever heard? Oh yes; let's start there! Kaley and Graham, hats off to you both on the best toasts I've ever heard! Never laughed so much at a wedding. But really now, this wedding wasn't about the was about the happy couple right below. They are kind, compassionate and thoughtful. Fun and laughter is never far from them. Needless to say, coordinating for these two was awesome! Everyone that evening was awesome- the photographers, the caterers, the florist. All were wonderful people that I hope to work with again. Be sure to check out the vendor info at the bottom of the page if you're looking for some great referrals!

Venue: Millwick | Coordination: Jen Krueger Design| Photography: Mark Brooke Photography |  | DJ: Kyle Kirtz | Florist: Sean Deveraux | Dessert: Mochi @ Trader Joes | Catering: Canyon Catering 

Ryan & Karley

Jen Krueger

A few weeks ago I had the privilege to assist my sweet friend Whitney, of Whit Mitt Design + Events, with a wedding she coordinated at Circle Oak Ranch. Circle Oak Ranch is a beautiful venue in Fallbrook, California. While the venue is vast, with tons of space to leave organic, that is not what Karley and Ryan dreamed up with Whitney. There was not one detail left out, one place to look without something beautiful to swoon over! And it was all done so tastefully. From the guestbook globe, to the butcher paper placemats, to the pashminas for when it got chilly, it was clear that tons of thought, attention and love went into this wedding! There are tons of other weddings that Whitney has done all just as perfect as this one! Be sure to check out her website to see the other work she's done (link below). 

Venue: Circle Oak Ranch | Style and Design: Whit Mitt Design + Events | Coordination: Whit Mitt Design + Events | Florist: Carter and Cook |  

Javier & Kayleen

Jen Krueger

There are beautiful weddings and then there is Javier and Kayleen's wedding! It was off the charts beauty, full of love and intentionality. From start to finish, this couple made every decision for their wedding based on how they could spend the most time celebrating with the people they care about. Their big day was no different. Tossing out the grand entrance at the last minute so that they could get more time their guests during cocktail hour, taking thirty minutes to get them to their cake to do the cake cutting because they took time to talk to everyone in their path to the cake and staying to clean up at the end to enjoy all their kind friends and family who were there to help tear down. And that's just the surface! 

It was clear to see that their friends and family loved them just the same. Javier and Kayleen's wedding didn't have many of the typical traditions planned, but with a little nudging of friends mixed with so much desire to celebrate this couple, there ended up doing more traditions than what is even typical! And not to mention, they had a massive wedding party that barely fit in the pictures!

And then there is the love between Javier and Kayleen. Their love is sincere, is deep and is fun. Kayleen surprised Javier by reading her vows in Spanish- a massive gesture of her love for Javier. While it was truly beautiful, the foot washing ceremony was probably the highlight of the ceremony- taking time to symbolize their love and service to one another for life. 

It was truly an honor to be a part of the wedding that was so much about a lifetime of marriage, the love between friends and family, and support for one of the sweetest couples to boot! 


Venue: El Adobe | Style and Design: Jen Krueger Design | Coordination: Jen Krueger Design | Photography: Maple + Elm | Videography: Two Spoons Productions | DJ: Wesley Tao | Florist: Dee's Sweet Meadows | Stationary: Wedding Paper Divas | Cake:  Susie Cakes


Styled Shoot | Christmas

Jen Krueger

The best way to spread Christmas cheer is throwing a woodsy theme Christmas party for all to see! And that is exactly what we did! In this woodsy Christmas themed styled shoot there is something for everyone to fall in love with. From the beautiful location, to the hot cocoa bar to a brilliantly designed cake, you will not be able to help but fall right into the Christmas spirit. And as always, it was a joy to work with some really great vendors. Be sure to check out their own sites, linked at the bottom! 

Merry Christmas from Jen Krueger Design to you! 

table 1.jpg

Photography: Maple + Elm | Style and Design: Jen Krueger Design  | Stationary: Jen Krueger Design | Hair: Torri Dokter | Make-up: Stephanie Reynolds | Cake: Louise Sandy Baking  

Brad & Kelli

Jen Krueger

Southern bell meets California boy. Does it get any better than that?! Kelli, originally from Tennessee, made her way out to California for college in 2003, fell in love with the beach, and decided to make Southern California her permanent home. Fast forward a few years, and Kelli started working for a great local company. Unbeknownst to her, prince charming was just a couple cubicles away. At the start of Brad and Kelli working, they had a training class together but didn't reconnect until years later through their instant messaging system. Kelli would ask Brad different work questions (I'm guessing she already knew the answers!) and Brad's humor quickly reeled kelli in! 

When you ask Brad and Kelli who noticed who first you'll hear a different story from them both! Kelli will always say she liked Brad first. It's the same story for the first date. Somebody thought they were on a date a little sooner than the other! While it seems as though this couple may be a little fuzzy on the details of how it all started, two things are clear. One, this couple is madly in love. And two, they didn't miss any details to create a beautiful wedding. 

You're seriously going to be in awe! Most of all, by the stunning bride. Kelli has always been big on fashion and her wedding day was no exception. The guest were amazed by Kelli's dress as she walked down the isle. As if it wasn't perfect enough, Kelli wowed everyone by walking out for the grand entrance  at the reception in an entirely different dress and hair style! Both hairstyle and dress just as stunning as the first. And did we mention her ring?! Brad sure did well! Oh we could go on for days, but we'll let the pictures do the rest of the talking. Enjoy! 

wedding dress_ceremony1.jpg

Photography: Nicole Leever Photography | Style and Design: Jen Krueger Design | On Site Planners: Serendipity | Stationary: Jen Krueger Design | Hair and Make-up: Shawntel McCarty | Floral Design: Divine Blooms and Designs | Videographer: Michael Artega COG Cinemas | Venue: Serendipity

Sloan & Aubri

Jen Krueger

What an honor it was assisting Barra Franklin of A Day Remembered on this beautiful vintage inspired backyard wedding! Let me tell you, it was a hot day in Temecula, but all the work in the heat was well worth it when we saw this wedding come together just right. Aubri and Sloan loved their day and we're so thankful that we got to be a part of it! 

Styled Shoot | Industrial

Jen Krueger

Yep, it's true, we're crazy for the industrial style. The brick, the concrete, the patterns- they all create brilliant textures that we just swoon over! This styled shoot has all that and more. It provides the perfect inspiration for those of you who like the industrial style with a flare for the romantic. We utilized the textures, along with all the character the building had to offer, to really play up that industrial feel. Choosing a color palette with bold grays, accented with the black, white and green generously played into the more romantic feel. It's so much prettiness for all of you fellow industrial style fans to adore! 


Photography: Maple + Elm | Planning and Design: Jen Krueger Design | Stationary: Flourish Design Co. Hair and Make-up: Katie Rey  | Floral Design: Felecity Blooms Design | Desserts: Sweet and Saucy | Venue: Long Beach Loft

Will & Sally

Jen Krueger

Wow! I could not have launched Jen Krueger Design with a better couple! Will and Sally are two amazing people whom I not only had the pleasure of coming alongside for their wedding day, but two people whom I worked with at a church not too long ago. I remember a time in the office when Will and Sally were just friends, and I heard Sally sarcastically say to some people talking with her about marriage (including Will), "I'm going to marry Will!" Everyone laughed and knew she was kidding around. But I wondered to myself what was really behind that comment (I'm all to familiar with saying someone is only your friend and then marrying them)! 

It was a few short months after that comment in the office that Will and Sally began to date. And as the story goes- they fell madly in love, he proposed, and they got hitched! The day was perfect. Sally was the most stunning bride. Will reminded us all what a man he is by singing his vows to Sally. And in the middle of skid-row, downtown LA - in a 100 year old warehouse - the Lord was glorified through beginning the ceremony with hundreds of people worshipping Him, the sharing of vows and the joining of Will and Sally in marriage. 

Days after their wedding Sally posted some lessons she's already learned in marriage. Yes, even in the first few days big lessons are learned! I love the heart behind this bride, and to close I couldn't help but share her blog post. It was filled with good reminders and lessons for me and I hope it holds something for you, as well. So take a gander at the beautiful wedding below and then head on over to Sally's blog to glean from her wisdom!


Venue: 440 Seaton |Coordination: Jen Krueger Design | Photography: Kevin Rogers | Videography: Two Spoons Productions | Hair and Make-up: Designed Elegance  | Floral Design & Styling: Mulberry and Moss |